About us

Marco Jungschlager

Adding value as BeStacking starts with helping set up a strategy aligned organization.  Depending on the maturity of the organization, facilitating strategic reorientation as well as commercial and operational (re)development.  It is rewarding to guide an entrepreneur through his or her glass sealing resulting in an organization which can grow organically or through acquisitions (or both) while maintaining its identity and culture.

Marco – together with Matthieu and Rico – started BeStacking.  Marco wants to build on his commercial, operational and strategic knowledge acquired over years working at Private Equity but now in a different way.  BeStacking is about investing in ‘buy & hold” in stead of ”fix & flip’.  Setting up and investing in sustainable intrinsic good companies. Which is different from traditional Private Equity and as a result a good alternative for entrepreneurs. 

Marco is born and raised in The Hague, married and living with his wife and two sons in Kwintsheul. Focused on a good work-life balance, Marco is active in various sporting activities and enjoys walking with his dogs at the beach.

Matthieu van Amerongen

The ‘buy & hold’ concept which Marco describes summarizes our long-term plans. We like to invest our time and money in building sustainable good companies with entrepreneurs who think alike. It forces everybody to focus on the performance of the company and not on the financial structure only. Don’t get us wrong, we aim to be the best and are willing to learn and challenge to get us there. This is the only way we can assure the company still exist in thirty years.

Matthieu is an enthusiastic, experienced investor, company builder and operator. Able to translate theory to practical tools, tailor made for the environment in which he is operating Does not shy away from sharing his own experiences but gives directors the necessary space to go through their own learning curve. Matthieu is married for over 25 years with Renate and father of two adult daughters in The Hague. Matthieu enjoys reading and learning but recently picked up a new hobby: navigate the canals in the The Hague surroundings with his sloop and friends.

Rico Teikotte

Unlike Marco and Matthieu, Rico was born and raised in Tubbergen. His down to earth mentality and persistence to excel is highly valued at BeStacking.

Rico was actively involved at several Buy & Build organizations since the start of his career, where each was in its own organizational phase. He experienced working at an infant organization and what the characteristics of a mature and efficiently run Buy & Build organization are. He contributed to these organizations by helping acquiring companies and by providing support to the acquired company post-closing. He also helped structuring an efficient capital structure by leading a debt refinancing with debt funds throughout Europe. Add a pragmatic mindset and the ability to break-down complex problems, and the result is a business partner that can add value throughout the organization.

Rico has always been passionate about value investing and the advantages of long-term investing, even before going to college. He brings this long-term mindset also to the table with his relationships. After being together for more than 10 years with his girlfriend he recently became dad for the first time.

Christiaan Tsirakos

Entrepreneurship is about building. Building your business, starting with an idea and the drive to grow. It’s a journey, sometimes filled with significant challenges and risks. As an entrepreneur, you eventually come to a point where you ask, “What do the upcoming years look like? Should I continue expanding my business, consider my first acquisition, or contemplate selling?” However, the most critical question is how to create the most long-term value.

After my first acquisition of a web hosting company in Meppel, I had to make this choice as well. Continuing to build my business or growing through acquisitions? For me, Buy & Build was the logical choice.

After several successful years and a lot of experience gained, we are continuing this journey with BeStacking. Helping other entrepreneurs with my practical experience in building their own empire. Building to keep, with a focus on the long term.

Christiaan is the father of three beautiful children, happily married to Cheyêne for seven years, and resides in the lovely city of Zwolle. Besides his passion for building, he can often be found on the water with his kite.