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BeStacking your

We are focused on adding value to a company in stead of subtracting it. Our way of working and structuring proofs that. We make long-term commitments to enterprises and entrepreneurs with whom we wish to built a durable relation. Collaboration to create mutual benefits.

For the company

We focus on building sustainable companies. Having an executable strategy and the right team is key to success.


For the entrepreneur

Alignment of financial interests combined with a long-term focus distinguish our structural setup. It is the basis of our success.


For the employee

Life-long development is an asset to everybody. The pace and direction are determined by you.



From vision to execution


From internal to external focus

BeStacking your partner

BeStacking is characterised as follows:

  • Our long-term commitment secured in our way of working and structuring
  • Our experience in building and developing the best companies
  • We invest our own means

Focus on long-term value creation is what you might expect of your partner building a sustainable company.

We remain invested and involved

Partnerships are often short-term for all sorts of reasons.

At BeStacking we understand that the director and the shareholder are two different stakeholders. Therefore, we enable entrepreneurs who worked with us to stay on as shareholder.

We can enable this as we do not have any intention to sell the shares in your company. Ever.

Rico - betrokken zijn en blijven

Enlarge competitive advantage

Sometimes focus on growth can be the right strategy for a company. Regularly we are confronted with companies where this focus has led to unjustifiable risks.

As we are risk averse, we focus on building and extending the competitive advantage of a company. Sustainable grow rules our world.

A company with a competitive edge is a sustainable company. With long-term benefits for clients, employees and shareholders.

Combining theoretical and practical knowledge in expanding a company’s competitive advantage is an asset to our partners.


Think Big

Invest and advice

Alignment of interest is the basis on which we build our companies.

We do what we expect our partners to do: we invest our own means. Also, we add theoretical knowledge and practical experience to your company (both national and international) so it can develop beyond your expectations.

The entrepreneur is ambitious and an expert in his or her market. We know what is required to build a large (international) company and not leave the entrepreneur behind.

Invest in talent development

Next to investing in you and your company, we share our experiences (good and bad) building superior teams.

Our starting point is the individual. Continuous development can be a source of energy as long as it aligns with the individual’s value drivers. You need well developed employees as those are the future leaders and corner stones of your organisation.