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The position someone occupies in a company depends on various factors such as: stage of life, IQ, EQ, ambition, private situation, etc. Next to that it depends on the phase a company is in, what value strategy it applies and what opportunities the company can offer. We are of the opinion that an entrepreneur should have sufficient discussions with his/her employees about whether the position he/she fulfils matches his/her wishes and those of the company.

Training and coaching employees important to the company and/or with ambitions is an important task for entrepreneurs. The company can only grow further if you work with people who are potentially better than yourself in the requested areas and give these people the space in their field.

We have gained a lot of experience in executing a successful HR strategy that fits the company and without building up a (too) large HR department. The development of employees must be separate from the development of the company in order to retain the best employees who are your possible future directors and/or management members.


A multually beneficial relationship

Rico Teikotte

All to often the development of an employee is about development needs of the company. However, the extent to which the individual’s personal goals are in line with what is requested by business is of great importance.

In my young career I have already been able to look inside many companies and have seen what an impact a discrepancy between goals and team can have.

In addition, a well-known professor of HRM has taught us that the way in which you implement and execute an HR strategy is crucial. You cannot outsource HR. Also, as the number of relationships you can maintain is limited, maintaining a small organization is an advantage.

For the company

We focus on building sustainable companies. Having an executable strategy and the right team is key to success.

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For the entrepreneur

Alignment of financial interests combined with a long-term focus distinguish our structural setup. It is the basis of our success.

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