For the entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely adventure. If you’re ambitious or have other challenges there are few people you can really talk to.

The best entrepreneurs looks for partners and other people who complement his or her skillset. The best partners make a connection between the entrepreneur and the opportunities and challenges the company are faced with.

This is what we try to do. In addition to financial resources, we offer experiences, theory and organizational knowledge to the entrepreneur who wants to take the next step with the company.

We don’t feel the need to become the entrepreneur. It is much more valuable to watch others go through the same learning curve that you yourself went through before. Ultimately this creates a network of like-minded people with ambition within BeStacking, each with their own specialty skill.


A good sparring partner

Marco Jungschlager

Over the past few years I have been working with various owner operated companies in different phases. In almost all cases, my involvement arose from a situation where the entrepreneur was stuck after a phase of growth or an unexpected change in his or her market.

My first analysis always includes the question: “What have you done in recent years about your own development and that of your fellow management members?” The answer was almost without exception “nothing”! In most cases, the initial question was: “How can I prepare my company for THE sale?”. Most had found a solution in working harder which was a temporary solution. Selling the company seemed to be the only solution to solve that.

In some of the processes this turned out to be the right choice, however, the best sales processes ultimately turned out to be change management processes resulting in the development of the entrepreneur and ultimately the company. A long-term strategy and execution plan was developed with the entrepreneur which resulted in the next successful chapter.

For the company

We focus on building sustainable companies. Having an executable strategy and the right team is key to success.

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For the employee

Life-long development is an asset to everybody. The pace and direction are determined by you.

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