For the entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely adventure. If you’re ambitious or have other challenges there are few people you can really talk to.

The best entrepreneurs looks for partners and other people who complement his or her skillset. The best partners make a connection between the entrepreneur and the opportunities and challenges the company are faced with.

This is what we try to do. In addition to financial resources, we offer experiences, theory and organizational knowledge to the entrepreneur who wants to take the next step with the company.

We don’t feel the need to become the entrepreneur. It is much more valuable to watch others go through the same learning curve that you yourself went through before. Ultimately this creates a network of like-minded people with ambition within BeStacking, each with their own specialty skill.


A good sparring partner


Rob van der Salm


Over the years, as an entrepreneur and investor, I have had the opportunity to improve many enterprises, both personally and those with their own management teams.

My guiding principle has always been that the goal must be clear. There may be a lot to do, but the end goal remains distinct. This goal is to create a business that not only ensures its existence for the coming years but preferably takes a leading role in its market. By innovating in a rational manner, we find the balance between healthy continuity and competitiveness.

In the coming years, the challenge for many businesses is complex, as they need to integrate AI into the core of their operations in a secure manner.

We are going to assist these companies by building a group of professional enterprises that meet this need. Currently, I am working on expanding this group.

For the company

We focus on building sustainable companies. Having an executable strategy and the right team is key to success.

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For the employee

Life-long development is an asset to everybody. The pace and direction are determined by you.

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